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About SMART High Reliability Solutions
SMART High Reliability Solutions (SHRS) is a market pioneer of secure, ruggedized solid-state drives (SSDs) and continues to be a technology leader, employing current and next-generation defense-focused designs. Utilizing Flash technology backed with proven world-class support, SHRS designs and manufactures high performance military and industrial SSDs with additional attributes such as encryption, secure data elimination and write-protect features. SHRS understands and solves customers' key requirements, leveraging its long heritage of established, generational and robust SSD design. SMART High Reliability Solutions is a subsidiary of SMART Global Holdings, Inc.


SHRS was founded 1985 as Adtron Corporation, developing PCMCIA card readers. Through the '80s and '90s, Adtron focused on the flash card reader market. In the late '90s, Adtron created one of the very first SSDs by aggregating the storage of compact flash (CF) cards behind a SCSI adapter with products widely used by the telecommunications Industry. Nortel and Lucent, among others, adopted the product in their wide area switch technology.

Adtron began selling to large military and defense OEMs which had a need for features that were available with SSD technology: Secure Erase, Quick Erase, Fast Clear and other sanitization routines, which SHRS has continued to expand and develop. Other features inherent in the SSD technology, such as resistance to environmental issues, industrial temperature capabilities, and high write endurance, all helped to build the company's reputation.

In 2007, SMART Global Holdings purchased Adtron Corporation. As a result of the acquisition, SMART renamed the company, SMART Storage Systems. SMART Storage Systems continued to be successful supporting OEMs and expanded into the Enterprise market with companies such as IBM and EMC. In 2013, SMART Global Holdings renamed the company SMART High Reliability Solution, partly due to its sale of the enterprise portion of the business to SanDisk, and to better identify SHRS' product offerings and capabilities. Throughout its incarnations, SHRS' core team of engineering, manufacturing and sales has focused on providing quality SSD products and services.

Applications and Certifications

Along with its robust offering of products and services, SHRS manufactures industrial and military-grade SSDs for global defense operations, and are designed for army, navy, air force, satellite, and homeland security applications. SHRS is an ISO certified manufacturer, producing American-made SSDs with Opal 2.0 compliance, among other compliance measures required by government agencies. SHRS SSDs are ruggedized and perform in environments with high shock and vibration. SHRS SSDs function at high R/W speeds with modifiable FW and undergo extensive testing before products are placed in the field. If needed, conformal coating, staking, underfill, and a leaded process can be provided. In addition, SHRS SSDs are equipped with agency erasure and meet FIPS 197 and NSA 9-12 standards. All SSDs are customized and manufactured by SHRS with security and encryption enabled features allowing SSDs to perform under industrial temperatures in extreme environments.

SHRS understands and values the importance of stringent process control. Defense, aerospace and industrial clients demand a fixed BOM with no deviation for FW or major components without prior notification and agreement. SHRS configuration and product control procedures ensure customer will receive the same product they qualified. SHRS works closely with all suppliers and customers to maximize product lifespan and minimize EOL impact.

SHRS has a state of the art manufacturing facility in Newark California. The factory is certified to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OSHAS 18001. SHRS' premier customer base demands world class quality and SHRS is uniquely positioned to ensure quality products and processes to our customers through our products and processes in our American factory.

About SMART Global Holdings
The SMART family of companies are global leaders in specialty memory solutions serving the electronics industry for over 25 years. Focused on providing extensive customer-specific design capabilities, technical support and value-added testing services, the SMART companies collaborate closely with their global OEM customers throughout their design process and across multiple projects to create memory solutions for demanding applications with differentiated requirements. The SMART companies have led the way over the past 25 years providing standard and custom products to today's leading global OEMs crossing all major electronic industries. Taking innovations from the design stage through manufacturing and supply, SMART Modular Technologies has developed a comprehensive product line comprised of DRAM and Flash memory technologies across various form factors. SMART High Reliability Solutions offers high-performance, high-capacity solid state drives ("SSDs") for defense, aerospace and industrial automation markets. SMART's presence in the U.S., Europe, Asia and Latin America enables it to provide its customers with proven expertise in supply-chain management, international logistics and asset management worldwide.
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