HRS-T5E SSDs offer up to 4TB of storage using 3D TLC Nand Flash. They are more reliable, offer superior performance, and require less power and cooling than traditional hard disk drives (HDDs). Conforming to SMART's "true" industrial grade standards, they are superior to typical SSDs and HDDs in terms of ruggedness, vibration and shock resistance, and environmental resilience. The HRS-T5E also supports pSLC mode up to 1280GB in capacity. This provides increased write endurance for those applications that require it.

Secure Your Data (Optional)
Designed to meet the needs of defense applications, Secure Data Elimination Technology (SDET) complies with current military data elimination standards, providing multiple levels of secure erase techniques.

The first step of any SDET operation is the deletion of the encryption key which takes less than 1 second and secures all user data since it can no longer be decrypted. SDET Clear provides a fast data elimination function that enables erasing of data in seconds. SDET Sanitize uses US Government agency defined or unique customer defined sanitization procedures, allowing full media declassification. In addition, access control features include write protection for added data security.


  • SDET technology meets current military data declassification standards (Optional)
  • AES-XTS 256-bit encryption automatically protects all data written to the drive
  • Passes MIL-STD-810G
  • OPAL 2.0 compliant (Optional)
  • True industrial grade storage solution for "no-compromise" applications
  • Advanced flash management for enhanced reliability and durability
  • Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology (S.M.A.R.T.) support
  • 100% 8 hour burn-in over Temperature (-40°C to +85°C, I-Temp Version)