Rugged, Reliable, Secure... SMART

SMART High Reliability Solutions is dedicated to developing the industry's most rugged, reliable, and secure SSDs that meet the needs of a wide variety of demanding applications found in the defense, aerospace, industrial automation, transportation, medical, energy, telecommunications and other industries. SMART's SSDs are loaded with standard features utilizing SLC flash, along with options such as AES encryption and Secure Data Elimination Technology (SDET), SMART's secure erase function. These features make SMART's SSDs far more robust than commercial offerings. Additionally, SMART offers a variety of options to customize an SSD for any high reliability application.


All storage solutions offered by SMART are made with solid state components. Since there are no moving parts these storage solutions are significantly more reliable than that offered by rotating media. SMART's Defense SSDs are tested to MIL-STD-810F specifications to ensure outstanding resistance to shock and vibration. Industrial temperature range options are available for most products. For added ruggedness SMART offers options such as conformal coating and component underfill.



SMART's Defense SSDs are known for their legendary reliability. SMART builds using a locked bill of materials that includes only fully qualified vendors and components. These SSDs use SLC NAND flash as the storage medium because of its superior reliability. Defense SSDs also feature a capacitive array that provides protection against data loss in the event of sudden power failure. To further enhance its reliability, 100% of SMART's SSDs are put through burned in over temperature before ever leaving the factory. AND, all of this is backed with a 3-year warranty.



SMART offers the best security features available, including write protection to prevent an SSD from being inadvertently overwritten, and AES encryption that encrypts all user data. SMART offers a number of different secure erase features designed to fully declassify an SSD. This complete data sanitization process uses the company's Secure Data Elimination Technology (SDET), and is 100% compliant with all US Government Agency declassification standards. SMART's combination of encryption key destruction and full data elimination conform to military security protocols, and can be triggered by either hardware or software.